Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hello everyone,

I've been wanting to write for all this time but somehow it just did not happen. So first let me say a few words about me.......ahem.....Iam just a regular mom with two grown up kids. I live in Los Angeles, US. I enjoy reading and long walks. I love to make friends which is my main aim in starting this blog. Actually i would love to write in my mother tongue,which is Tamil. but i still am not sure of the typing and it has been ages since i wrote ayhting in tamil and after reading a lots and lots of Tamil blogs it is hard for me even to think that i should start writing in Tamil. They are all so good.Anyway i thought since i should start somwhere i might as well start writing atleast an intro.
I chose my blog's title as nadaipaadhai- sidewalk since it is an apt name, for, all my observations of this world is done during my walks on the side walk!!!!!!(gotcha...) No such crap....it just happened my daughter was listening to a Kelly Clarkson song " not far from the sidewalk" it goes something like that and i just gave that name as my blog's . So thats it for now.....and let me be revealed in my future posts.